Sunday, July 13, 2008

Into Slumber

Here, the sun does not set till after ten. The light takes on a dusty glow before settling into darkness. Imminence does not encapsulate me as heavily as it did before, because sometimes I fall asleep with the light, before the day softens to rosy hues and finally to star speckled sky. Yet, just the thought of night awakens me to vastness. It is as if the relief of some prolonged yawn overcomes me, and transforms me to a weightless shadow, and then the universe within me lengthens into sleep. Consciousness dips into the pool of dreams. Being settles and surrenders.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Moving Curtain

The methodical ticking of the bedside clock accompanies the incremental progression of the day. The curtain ripples and billows gently, giving form to an otherwise invisible breeze. I am placated. Even though the din of city traffic refuses to die, nature continues its silent exhalations. The curtain stirs, dancing to the gentle breaths of some magical force. Its movement lulls me. Serenity permeates me. Limpidity becomes me.