Sunday, August 16, 2009

Encounter II


A panting struggle to emerge from between
the starving, thorny, grip.

My eyes are shut.
I've collapsed,
in febrile arrest.




Him breathing
me breathing through a dark, limp net of hair.

"All Undone", says a voice.
Stranded beneath strands,
bruised and tender, not wanting to be unleashed.
Until a hand reaches me
through gentle excavation.

"Open your eyes".
Fluttering lids.
A lost smile.

"Stay that way..."

Pinned beneath
muscled thrusts
Writhing hips.
Wanting. Hating. Struggling.



Still in denial of this consequential tryst.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

But Still

Descent into fragmented eloquence, where I am living the wounds of broken stars, coiled around the most vulnerable me, the slightest slither unnerves me, and I become a paper-thin leaf, shuddering in too strong a wind.

The world is too enormous, to awaken to. I want to grasp you back into sleep with me, to smother you with a lover's clench, to tumble into the tender wisps of our contemplation. But still, how is it that my world is so separate from yours? That longing brings us no closer together? We are faced with each other, but removed from each other. In the hollows of existence, I have not yet encountered you.