Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Heathen

He's like an angel about to fall, and he prides himself on this perilous existence. He's articulate,witty, animated, restless, and prone to extreme indulgence. He takes his pick from his buffet of women. I don't know how many he's had. If these victims of his persuasion all knew each other there'd be some sort of revolt, but as a skilled charmer he'd probably be able to reinstate the spell, or at least save himself. He has a methodology when it comes to women that he claims never fails. Ironically it has something to do with restraint...

His laughter always startles me a little. It is always sudden, and almost seems as if he is shouting, as if he is trying to project himself beyond his own physical sphere. The same with his gait - when he walks he seems to precede himself. Vigor spawned from his endless destinations perhaps.

I don't understand him, or rather I don't understand his need for continuous engrossment. He's not flighty in any way. He's anchored by sensuality, and its cessation would most likely induce bouts of depression.

Speech comes easily to him, though he speaks more in gestures. I can't explain it. It's as if he gestures with his voice. Profanity is a rhetorical device he uses to make himself seem more valiant. He associates audacity more with courage than stupidity. In any case saintliness doesn't suit him, but he's quite the gentleman. A vulgar knight. A shimmering vision of danger and chivalry (I lack better words to describe his non-generic magnetism), which is probably what his damsels fall for over and over again. He offers them the chance to be vulnerable and then saved.

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