Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Night

There's a flicker in the oasis of his eyes. He seems calm. He always does, but there's a slight and unexplainable shift in his persona. A barely perceptible ripple of energy that I can feel beneath the warmth of his skin...

I have him pinned beneath me, challenging him with my gaze. Angelo looks back at me unperturbed at his trapped state. He could probably toss me off with an effortless heave. I don't know how he always manages to be so composed. He looks as well-kept as when we first started (though it was only a few minutes ago). He had chosen restraint. I had not.

Suddenly I feel self-conscious. My naked body feels damp and flushed, and my breathing is heavy. I let go of A beneath me, and reach up to my tousled hair, trying to comb through the impossible knots. A laughs, and for a moment reaches up and occupies himself with my hopelessly tangled tresses. I notice he still has his pants on. God. I'm a complete wreck and he's still half-clothed. I shift slightly and tug at his belt, half berating myself for my negligence.

But suddenly I find myself beneath him. He's on top of me know, flinging the belt off and kissing me hungrily. His force surprises me. His hands are pushing my legs apart impatiently. I unconsciously resist. An instinctive fear had arisen in this sudden assault. Remembering where I am, I start to push against his chest to overthrow him and regain control, but he barely budges. I make as if to kick him between the legs, and he immediately starts back. I take the opportunity to arm myself with his belt which had landed on the nightstand next to me.

"You little bitch", he says, half-sneering behind the smile that was spreading on his face. He rips his pants off without taking his eyes off me. Then he advances, and "thwack!". The belt hits his skin harder than I had meant to. I freeze, horrified that I may have hurt him, but he snorts and says, "My dear, that almost tickled". Wrestling the belt out of my hands, he tosses it to the other side of the room were it lands with a dull thud. He pulls my legs down so that I'm lying beneath him, my hands pinned beneath his. I expect him to attack me like before, but he doesn't move. Angelo just looks down at me smiling. And for a moment we linger like that, until I wrap my legs around his waist to pull him closer. I feel his hot breath on my ear, and with our bodies entangled, he feels like an extension of myself. If he were to pull apart a horrible vulnerability would overtake me...

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